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Overview of users in this wiki who already belong to the VG Wort authors group.

There is no authorisation to manage authors.

Hints for use

You may add users to the group “VG Wort author” by altering the user rights.

If you enter the user name in the box and click on “Afficher les groupes d’utilisateurs”, the groups to which the user belongs are displayed. Whoever belongs to the group of bureaucrats can change the assignment of the user to the user groups. A list of bureaucrats can be found under Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat.

MediaWiki: “User rights” are authorizations (such as the import of counting markers or the assignment to articles, as well as the authorization to create an annual report) which are assigned to different user groups. For information about how to add and remove individual wiki users from groups, see “user rights and groups” and “setting user groups in MediaWiki”.

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