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View counting markers

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This extension provides an overview of the counting markers of VGWort in this Wiki, their assignment to articles and helps to prepare the annual reports to VGWort.


3 articles with a total of 2 321 hits and 1 391 characters.

Of these, 382 are in the current year and 44 are in the current month. This is an average of 0,57 hits per article and day. Estimated hits this month: 111.

Counting markers
  1. Get counting markers from VG Wort
  2. Import markers
  3. Assign counting markers
  4. Counting activated
  5. Manage counting markers
Annual Report
  1. Set counting limits
  2. View statistics
  3. Save count readings
  4. Determine plain text
  5. Create annual report

The version of this extension is 0.4.0 (multi author) and backwards compatible up to MediaWiki v1.35.0. If you want a license, have an idea for a new feature or just need help, please contact us.

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